Friday, April 25, 2014

“Matter: Mass and Weight"

Two properties that matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common are that they all take up space. The other is that they are both matter because they all take up a different amount of space. If you didn't know that. This information was found in Sweet Search

Weight is the pull of gravity that makes you not float. Like the moon has no gravity. Instead it puts weight on yourself. Everybody has weight. Mass is the amount of matter in a object. Those are the differs.  I got all of this information from Sweet Search .

Weight can be measured by a scale and mass is measured by also measured by the scale but its kinda different. Those are the things that are used to measure weight and mass. I learned this from Discovery Education.

Changing the location of were you are changes the weight not the mass because it all depends on gravity. The higher you are like on a mountain your weight changes. I got this in information on Discovery Education

It comperes because they are like the same thing. Its just that the mass in an object might have more or it can have more parts. They are very similar oh and I got all of this from non other than Discovery Education.

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