Friday, April 25, 2014

“Matter: Mass and Weight"

Two properties that matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common are that they all take up space. The other is that they are both matter because they all take up a different amount of space. If you didn't know that. This information was found in Sweet Search

Weight is the pull of gravity that makes you not float. Like the moon has no gravity. Instead it puts weight on yourself. Everybody has weight. Mass is the amount of matter in a object. Those are the differs.  I got all of this information from Sweet Search .

Weight can be measured by a scale and mass is measured by also measured by the scale but its kinda different. Those are the things that are used to measure weight and mass. I learned this from Discovery Education.

Changing the location of were you are changes the weight not the mass because it all depends on gravity. The higher you are like on a mountain your weight changes. I got this in information on Discovery Education

It comperes because they are like the same thing. Its just that the mass in an object might have more or it can have more parts. They are very similar oh and I got all of this from non other than Discovery Education.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Which Side Will Win

I have just recently finished a article called
Homework: Too Little or Too Much? It Depends It is about people that have different opinions about homework.  
Too Much Homework
First, some people think that there is a lot of homework.  “Ababio figures she does homework from about 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on school nights.”  I think that is not possible doing six and half hours of homework. I mean that is to much homework for everybody that would be so difficult.

Too Little Homework
Next, other people have a different opinion about homework.  “Nearly two-thirds said they had spent six or more hours a week socializing with friends.” A lot of people talk to each other than doing homework. To many people don't do homework because they have to socialize with other people.

Two Sides
Last, some people think that we have to many homework and the other people think that we have to little.  "Two common complaints parents have about homework are as far apart as can be: One is that there’s too much homework, and more of it than ever before. The other is that there’s too little." I feel that we get an equal amount of homework. There is never to much, exept when you have to do projects.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Respiratory System

The function that the lungs have is that they are pushing air in and out of the body and also putting the oxygen into the blood.  The ribs pertect the lungs and the diaphragm makes the air come in and out.  Of the body.

The  Respiratory System helps the body by helping you breathe and keeping you alive.  It also helps you move by making you muscles work and being strong.  It makes the blood good for your body so you have good blood.

Air first goes through your nose then down to your trachea.  After that the air travels to your lungs and the air is given to your blood so it can be oxygenated.  Then the lungs send the blood to your heart.  Then the heart pumps the blood to the rest of your body.      

Monday, March 17, 2014

Is this the end for Plants

I have recently just finished an artical called Deadly virus spreads from plants to honeybees. The three main points were that plants might die because of this, collapse of honey bee colonies, and they don't know if the virus is the only one.

First, plants might die of this disease because bees need to pollinate these plants. If they do not get pollinated they might die. I think that we are gonna keep loosing air. "It is carried by pollen and causes disease in soy crops." 

Next, the honey bee collapse of colonies.  These bees get bad pollen and then they bring it to the colonies.  I think that they can get destroyed.  "...collapse of honeybee colonies..." I think that can happen.  

Finally, scientist don't know if that virus is the only one on the honey bees.  "Researchers also are uncertain about whether the infection persists without the bees picking up more of the virus from the plants they visit." 

These are the three main points.  This what I think are them.             

Thursday, February 27, 2014


     I have just finished reading the article called Libraries Going Digital, and this article is about how the libraries are all about tech.  The stuff that is happening might lead to no libraries at all.  Also people in libraries have to know tech.

     The first main point was that Libraries are changing.  Here is some evidence from the text.  “They have 3-D printers, e-readers and social media. Growing catalogs of e-books let people connect to libraries from home." I think that I would want my school library to be like that because I could just come in and get on the computer.

The next main point is that librarians learn tech. I will show you.  “They help people with everything from how to use a computer to Facebook”.  I think that this is weird. Are these librarians robots?

The last main point is that there might not even be libraries anymore.  “People can download e-books without going to the library”.  I think that they may not be library's anymore.

I hope that you can see my main points. They were that libraries are changing, librarians learn how to use technology, and that the fact that there might not be any libraries in the future to come.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Bugs Who Love Bugs

Hey Readers,
     I just read the artercal called Bugs who love bugs, and I am going to tell you the main points.  One of them was that stink bugs are a problem that cant go away, stink bugs could be food for other animals, and wasps could be there predator.

     The first main point was that the stink bugs are a problem that don't go away.  In 2010 and 2011 the stink bugs caused a lot of damage.  When winter comes those nasty bugs don't go away.  These stink bugs hurt fruit crops and other crops.

     The second main point is that the stink bugs could be food for other animals.  There is a catch tho it would probably take three to five years.  It would take a long time.  I think that it would be hard to find a predator.

     The last main point is that the predator that could work out would be the wasps.  Those wasps lay eggs on other insect eggs.  When the baby's hatch they could eat the stink bugs eggs so that they could wipe them out for good!

     These stink bugs are a big problem and it is hard to try to wipe them out.  But its like they are unstoppable and that they would probably live for a long time.  There could be a predator named wasps, maybe they could stop the stink bugs.        

Monday, February 10, 2014

Excretory System

The Excretory System helps the body by letting out waste or urine.  This works by getting all of the water that you need (well there is a sertant amount that you get to drink) and absorbs all the energy and nutrients, and then it can be let out.

The kidney helps make urine and let it down the ureter.  Now the bladder helps store urine and help you hold it in.  Lungs help you breathe by letting in oxygen and letting out carbon dioxide  (respiration) (air).  Skin is the out side of your body that helps you keep in all your organs.